Leading From The Front

The LIMRA study Leading Indicators: Sales Leadership and the Future of Agency Distribution finds that the annual turnover rate for frontline leaders is 24 percent, and that only 15 percent of current frontline leaders have six or more years of experience. And we all know that long-term success requires more than tactical competence; it requires strategic thinking and vision. So you will need skills not just to manage activities but to maximize performance and inspire teams. That kind of growth takes more than time. It takes focused development that is customized to frontline leaders and the company culture.

The Solution GAMA Offers

Leading From the Front is not a “how-to” program. Our goal is to provide a structured process for you to analyze your business to identify and leverage strategies that directly impact performance outcomes. We begin by helping you examine and even question your business and business tactics. This involves drilling down into the business impact of the decisions you make and the strategies and tactics you execute. Then we help you focus on optimizing performance by analyzing processes and procedures. 

You will discover how to more effectively lead your team by focusing on leadership behaviors to align, inspire, and engage team members. This class culminates with a Capstone session held at the Gettysburg Battlefield Museum in Gettysburg, PA. Here you will examine the leadership decision making process made during the three-day battle and find application for addressing how to perfect your leadership effectiveness in daily work.

You will learn how to:

  • Use the leadership concepts discussed throughout the course to access and increase your own effectiveness as a frontliune leader
  • Expand your decision-making processes by thinking from different perspectives -- less manager, more as a leader and business owner
  • Create a team culture that promotes agent/advisor engagement and leads to a more vibrant and productive workplace
  • Build a one-year business plan which reflects the insights gained throughout the course and matches the mission and direction for growth set by your company to deliver

What the program includes:

  • Preprogram 360-degree leadership assessments
  • Individual and group coaching sessions
  • Emphasis on problem solving, collaboration, and application 
  • Twelve-month goal-setting, action-planning, and performance-tracking business plan
  • Coaching for Optimal Results and Effectiveness (C.O.R.E)™ performance coaching model from McCauley & Co.
  • Online performance support website, available during and after the program
  • Capstone at the Gettysburg Battlefield Museum in Gettysburg, PA

Audience: Sales managers with 2-4 years of experience
Cost: Members: $2,695; nonmembers: $2,995
Delivery Format: Blended learning (virtual and in-person class sessions)
Program Length: 6 months

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