According to the GAMA Foundation’s Firm 2020 research, by 2020 a dramatic culling of the industry will have taken place, and several different business models will have emerged. In an era of fast-paced market change, it is becoming increasingly difficult to prepare for the future. Both new and experienced agency leaders are beginning to ask themselves such questions as “What does that mean for my business?”; “How do I increase diversity to attract new markets and clients?”; and “How do I utilize new technology to adapt to customer expectation for products and services?”

The Solution GAMA Offers

The Firm 2020 workshop introduces major research from the Firm 2020 book and digs deeply into particular trends and forecasts to help you visualize industry changes and begin preparing your business. This one-day workshop allows leadership teams to discuss how they can become equipped to adapt to the changing marketplace, the environmental forces, and the cultural shifts that will determine how clients want us to conduct your business in the future. The workshop offers a comprehensive look at the significant economic and cultural drivers that will greatly affect your firm over the next few years.

Key Developing Issues You Will Explore:

  • Redefining retirement
  • Decumulating Wealth
  • Lifestyle management
  • Commissions versus fees
  • Social and community marketing
  • Small-business markets
  • Virtual advising

What The Program Includes:

  • Facilitator Guide
  • Participant Guide

Audience: Agency leaders/agency leadership teams
Cost: $399 (member or nonmember)
Delivery Format: In-person class with GAMA Facilitator
Program Length: 1 day

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