Elements Of Leadership

Your new managers learn best by doing — they need to practice to master the daily tasks of recruiting, developing, and managing salespeople. They’re also hungry for knowledge and perspective. They want to understand the types of leadership practices that set top field leaders apart. And they’re relying on you to plan and manage their development while simultaneously managing your own hectic business. Given the size and scope of the challenge, what are the odds that your new frontline leaders will get the focused and sustained development that you and they really want?

The Solution GAMA Offers

Elements of Leadership: Achieving Excellence in Frontline Management combines activity-based learning with proven leadership practices to successfully launch your new frontline leaders (sales managers). It’s packaged in a modular format that you can easily tailor to your needs. The performance of your frontline leaders is essential to the success of your business. Don’t leave their development to chance.

You will develop critical skills such as: 

  • Recruiting
  • Accountability
  • Selection
  • Support and culture
  • Training and development

What the program includes:

  • A frontline leader's guidebook with the content and assignments required for a successful launch
  • A facilitator's guide with coaching and debriefing tips for the field leader
  • Electronic access to the strategies and practices of top performers

Audience: Potential or new sales managers
Cost: $299 (member or non-member)
Delivery Format: Internal facilitator and trainee one-on-one
Program Length: Self-paced

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