Building The Right People

When talking about a fast start, what you are really talking about is how you create consistency for the first few years so associates will be financially rewarded, feel good about the business, like what they do, and start to grow. It is too expensive to bring new associates into the business only to have them fail. But with a four-year retention rate that consistently is in the low teens, it is clear that, all too often, failure is the result for new recruits. New associates face many challenges in their first few years in the business – financially, personally, and professionally. What can you do so they’re not simply coping, but thriving during this high stress time?

The Solution We Offer

Building the Right People gives you the tools you need to help new associates rise to the challenge. Based on the three C’s for fast start success — consistency, compassion, and connections — this one-day workshop provides strategies that will dramatically improve the way you launch new associates into the business. Increasing new associate retention, productivity, and profitability is possible. Building the Right People provides the solution that will position your new associates for success.

You Will Learn How To:

  • Assess candidates’ fit with the career,  agency, and culture
  • Create social and emotional networks for new associates
  • Focus training on the areas most essential to associate success
  • Use expectations to impact activity and performance
  • Hold associates accountable for the most valuable activities

What The Program Provides: 

  • Facilitator Guide
  • PowerPoint
  • Videos
  • Participant Workbook
  • Participant Guidebook

Audience: All Field Leaders
Cost: $399
Delivery Format: Internal, GAMA Facilitator, In-Person Class
Program Length: 1 day

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