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Elizabeth Hiza

Barnum Financial Group

Are You In A Growth Mindset?

Thursday, May 16, 2019
1:00 PM EDT - 1:30 PM EDT

A successful person is always seeking an “edge”, that special something that will set them apart from the competition and propel them to the next level. One approach is to try tangible tools, such as a fresh marketing approach or new client relationship management system.  However, the most critical tool for success may be intangible. It is the mindset you bring to your business and your role as a leader. Elizabeth's GAMACAST will educate attendees on the characteristics of a growth versus a fixed mindset and how one can drive success while the other can potentially contribute to under-performance in both your professional and personal lives. She will detail ways to “rewire” your cognitive habits by understanding one’s fixed mindset triggers and how to put growth mindset concepts into practice to benefit both yourself and those you lead.

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