Teaming Toolkit

Advisor sales teams can help leaders solve problems from recruiting to retention, but only if the team has the tools to succeed. How can you support your advisors interested in forming or strengthening teams? GAMA’s step-by-step teaming portfolio has the answers.

Building & Managing World Class Teams

Provide the support advisors and agents need to form or strengthen high-performing sales teams. Help your advisors or agents:

  • Discover if teaming is right for them.
  • Avoid common teaming pitfalls.
  • Save time with a methodical, modular approach.
This course walks you through supporting your future teams step-by-step, including 21 tools that will bring value to your top advisors or agents.

The Power Of Teams

What are the best practices for supporting teams? More than 3,000 professionals participated in GAMA Foundation sponsored research to examine teaming questions such as:

  • What are the driving forces behind team creation?
  • What are the benefits and challenges?
  • What factors are key to sustaining long-term success?

Pick up the Power of Teams today for your guide to achieving extraordinary results through sales teams.​​

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