GAMA Circles

Experience the benefits of study group based learning with GAMA Circles Study Group programs. Choose from a 12 or 6 month program and enjoy:
  • A carefully matched group of peers.
  • A trained facilitator who will guide and support your group through the program.
  • Support and resources from GAMA staff.
Join an inaugural cohort to see how 90-minutes of dedicated, peer learning can grow your leadership skills. 

12 Month Study Group

The 12-Month program will transform your habits while learning how to overcome and master fear. Through book talks, a brainstorming methodology designed to increase engagement, and accountability, you’ll experience true, sustainable growth.

The topics covered during the 12-month duration of the group include:

  • Goals and execution strategies
  • Why agents fail
  • Mentoring to success
  • Mastering fear
  • Secrets of success
  • Successful recruiting
  • Agent retention
  • And more!

GAMA International's 12-month study group program was developed in partnership with curriculum author Jeff Johnson , founder of Defender.

6 Month Study Group

The 6-Month program will challenge you to dive deep into a specific theme and tackle participant-generated challenges while building new connections and gaining new perspectives.

The topics discussed each month include: 

  • Managing multi-generational teams
  • Women in leadership
  • Social media presence
  • Teaming
  • And more!

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