Writing Center

The GAMA Writing Center is your one-stop shop for professional writing services. As a GAMA International member, you can enlist the help of experienced writers to review, edit or craft content for your business. Services cost $75 per hour. Contact us if you would like to coordinate a project or have questions.

Services Offered
Writing text for websites
Writing articles to post on social media (blog posts, LinkedIn and Facebook articles, etc.) or to publish in the GAMA International Journal or other industry publications
Writing presentations and speeches
Repurposing existing content into additional formats (e.g., editing a white paper to become an article)
Writing legacy books to chronicle a successful career, based on phone interviews
Writing books that educate a particular group on a specific topic, based on phone interviews
Conducting workshops, one-on-one conversations or classes on tips for effective writing, either on a virtual platform or in person
Coordinating with graphic designers to design materials for optimum visual impact
Editing existing materials
Working with members whose native language is not English to prepare articles for an English-speaking audience
Providing guidance/consultation on writing any of the above materials
Conducting virtual or in-person writing workshops

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