Personal Financial Snapshot

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Resource Overview

Personal Financial Snapshot is a principles-based financial planning software and system that empowers agents and their clients to make the right decisions for themselves.  Why choose software that encourages clients to choose minimum (needs-based) when you could use software that encourages clients to do maximum (Principle #2)?  Personal Financial Snapshot is not only easy-to-use software, but a process and philosophy as well.  It's perfect for new agents and veterans alike and so simple to use and understand, that it will become a powerful and holistic part of your practice. The software helps you approach financial planning based on these five simple principles:

 Principle 1: Save at Least 15% or More

Principle 2: Maximum Protection

Principle 3: Full Replacement of Assets Upon Death

Principle 4: Six Months to One Year of Income Storage

Principle 5: Velocity of Money

 Financial planning is complicated.  Make it simple with Personal Financial Snapshot.