Defender - Training And Mentoring System

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Resource Overview

The Defender Mentoring and Training System study group format contradicts the Pareto Principle only digesting 20 percent of the material covered in a learning session - by applying a consistent 12-month program to transform individual’s discipline and habits, all while learning how to overcome and master fear.

This study group format has been developed and applied at a Field Manager and General Agent level.We have also developed and applied an alternative study group format at the Agent level.

The 12-topics that will be covered at the executive level are as follows:

  • Meet-and-greet and study group format overview
  • Goals and execution strategies
  • Why Agents fail
  • Mentoring to success
  • Mastering fear
  • Secrets of success
  • Successful recruiting
  • Agent retention
  • Goal accomplishment updates
  • Open discussion on the topics of your choice
  • Motivating your team to finish the year strong
  • Annual in-person meeting/year-end wrap up

Our study group environment of three to five members work together to hold each other accountable as the study group evolves and demonstrates true, sustainable growth.Some of the problems with other study group formats is they lack structure and are held infrequently.Each month, we will focus on a different topic that fosters growth and development – providing a platform for participants to learn within their circle of safety.

Our brainstorming methodology is our equation enhance participation and engagement amongst group members and to cultivate a mastermind group. Our example of a mastermind group is “The Millionaires Club.” This club included – Henry Ford, the inventor and President of Ford Motor Company, Thomas Edison, the inventor of the light bulb, and Harvey Firestone, the inventor and President of Firestone Tires. These men worked hard and gave a lot of credit for their career accomplishments to the work they completed together.