Paresh Shah

Title: Co-Founder & President
Company: Lifters
Traveling From: Los Angeles, California

Paresh Shah is a positive force around everyone he meets.  He has a unique ability to connect with people of all levels, cultures and ages – creating connections that inspire people to think bigger and achieve more.  Paresh is a unique combination of a technology engineer, Harvard MBA, strategist, innovation trainer, successful entrepreneur and trained yogi.  His abilities to cross multiple worlds have made him a sought after motivational speaker, workshop facilitator, business strategy consultant,  non-obvious innovator,  and advisor to senior executives, entrepreneurs & celebrities.

Currently, Paresh is Chief Strategist and Value Architect at The Non-Obvious Company, a global innovation, strategy, mindfulness and leadership consultancy.  Paresh and works with senior leaders around the world to foster non-obvious solutions to some of the biggest problems society and businesses are facing.  He has travelled and worked in over 35 countries, giving him a diverse and truly global perspective.  He has also been invited as a popular Adjunct Professor to several leading MBA programs, and is routinely rated among the top 5% of all Professors for his blend of insightful, practical teaching methods and engaging, energetic style.

Mr. Shah is also the founder and Chairman of Glimpulse, a social expression company that scientifically delivers what every human needs: Love and Happiness.  Mr. Shah has assembled a world-class, multidisciplinary team to develop a monetizable experience that taps into the giving, loving impulse within everyone to create joy, a greater sense of well-being, authentic connections, and solve for what numerous studies are showing social media is causing: anxiety, low self esteem, disconnection and depression.

Mr. Shah’s prior startup, a wireless-multimedia company, raised $130 MM in venture capital and is currently valued at approximately $700 MM.

Mr. Shah was an early executive at Monitor Company, a strategic consultancy formed by several Harvard Business School professors including world-renowned strategist Michael Porter, the most cited author in business and economics and author of Competitive Strategy, Competitive Advantage and Competitive Advantage of Nations. During Mr. Shah’s tenure as part of the leadership team, Monitor grew from 100 professionals to a global staff of over 1000.

Throughout his career, Paresh’s passion has been to unite the analytic, action-driven business mindset typical of an MBA education with leading-edge approaches to human happiness and performance, self mastery, organizational excellence and leadership.

As a complement to his business background, Paresh has studied of 2000 hours of yoga, mindfulness, meditation, self-help and wisdom teachings with masters around the globe and is a popular instructor and personal "peak performance" coach in the Los Angeles area with students, celebrities and executives.

Paresh received his MBA from the Harvard Business School (HBS) where he authored several business case studies and also served as an officer of Harvard University from 1993-1996.  He graduated #1 in his Engineering class with a BS degree from the University of Maryland after which he worked in aerospace wireless systems at Northrop Grumman Corporation.

His thinking and insights have been featured in publications such as Forbes,, Inc., Entrepreneur, Psych Central, Smart CEO, Killer Startups and Under 30 CEO.  After years of requests from his many clients, Paresh is currently working on a forthcoming book, “Lifters - How Everyday Mindful Leaders Elevate their Companies, Customers, Community and Our World – All Together” (Q1 2018 Idea Press Publishing).

Mr. Shah was a founding Board member of the Washington DC chapter of, one of the largest organizations to foster entrepreneurship and mentorship.  He was an advisor for 10 years to the Dingman Center for Entrepreneurship, special advisor to the Alex Brown Center for Technology and Entrepreneurship and Advisor to the Governors Business Council on India.  Mr. Shah is an angel investor, mentor to young and female entrepreneurs and serves in several philanthropic capacities. 

In 2015, Mr. Shah was featured as a global innovator by the United Nations on International Peace Day ( and was invited in 2016 to the home of His Holiness the Dalai Lama to attend a 2-day symposium with 25 other thought leaders on how to foster peace, compassion and abundance via free-enterprise solutions. 

On a personal note, Paresh is happily married and lives in Los Angeles with his wife, four children, rescue dog (Shadow), a hamster named Charlotte and two birds.  When not traveling for clients or keynotes, Paresh loves driving in his '77 Nova listening to Classic Rock and Heavy Metal, playing one his electric guitars, explaining to his children that Ozzy Osbourne was not always a "weird old guy" and learning to surf.  He has a deep interest in fostering imagination, playfulness, innovation, authentic self-expression and mindfulness, especially with children, to drive positive change in the World.