John Baier

Title: Founder & CEO
Company: 25 Point Systems
Traveling From: Hollywood, Florida

John is the founder and CEO of Baier Consulting International and cofounder and Executive Director of Vivo Mobile, Inc.
Recently retired after a storied career as a Managing Partner with New York Life, John is the creator of the industry-renowned 25-Point System. He most recently served as Executive Director of Seguros Monterrey New York Life in Mexico.

John has more than four decades of experience in the insurance industry. He was a managing partner for New York Life for 35 years also served as a company executive. A well-rounded strategic planner, he excels at recruiting within the financial services industry. He also spends his days coaching, consulting, overseeing operations, and business development. He attributes his success to his systems, hard work, training, experience, and business acumen.

As a Managing Partner, John built a basically scratch agency into one of the premier agencies in the world. He was the 2013 inductee into the GAMA International Hall of Fame, the highest distinction in the financial services industry.

As a company executive, John coached high-level industry leaders, ran a program to increase MDRT membership, and took his company from ranking 33rd in membership to 14th in one year.

John instituted project retention and increased third prior retention by 3.2 percentage points in one year. During this period, he ran the Agency Channel of Distribution, increasing the number of sales and proactive agents by 33 percent over the prior year.

John started his professional journey in the US Army as an artillery officer in 1972. He stayed active in the military for more than a decade in the National Guard. He commanded the Artillery Battery that was recognized five consecutive years with the Eisenhower Trophy for being the best unit in New Jersey. During his time in the reserves, John worked as a full-time insurance agent and then as a second-line manager. He steadily worked his way up the industry’s ranks and became a Managing Partner with New York Life in 1981.

During his tenure, John was committed to hiring and developing talented men and women from diverse backgrounds. He was able to attract, hire and retain individuals with strong business acumen and superior problem-solving skills who made New York Life a better company.

John has earned numerous awards and accolades for his work. He was inducted into GAMA International’s Hall of Fame and was named Underwriter of the Year in the financial services industry by New Jersey Life Underwriters. Also, he was honored with the Soaring Eagle Award by Kinder Brothers and the First in Class Award from New York Life, and he was named a Lifetime Member of the New York Managers’ Roundtable.