Farshad Asl

Company: Top Leaders Inc.
Traveling From: Los Angeles, California

It’s my mission to inspire, equip, and enable others to become the leaders and entrepreneurs they're inherently destined to become. Our leadership is our legacy.

Farshad Asl is a serial social entrepreneur, Regional Director of Bankers Life, Founder of Top Leaders, Inc., a certified John Maxwell Leadership Coach, an internationally renowned speaker, and an Amazon bestselling author.  

As a result of building one of the country's largest sales organizations, Farshad received many coveted honors such as the Excalibur Award, the Coat of Arms, the Frontline Leader Award from GAMA International (Diamond level) and has been a member of the Executive Council for nearly a decade.

 Farshad’s greatest love of life, aside from his family, is helping others recognize potential within themselves. He understands "the struggle" of hardship, having emigrated to the United States from Iran at the age of 29, without knowing English, and just $400 to his name.

 In his highly acclaimed book, “The ‘No Excuses’ Mindset: A Life of Purpose, Passion, and Clarity," Farshad leads readers through a journey towards positive and sustainable self-transformation. 

He also has recently published an amazing book, Men Built for Others: Eleven uncensored, vulnerably raw, and insightful true stories; written, edited, and compiled by men serving life sentences at the Soledad State Prison in California.