With so many distractions, emails, and texts coming in each day, it can be difficult to dedicate hours or days to improving yourself professionally. MiniCourses are easy ways to build a new professional skill in just 30-90 minutes. 

To enroll in a MiniCourse, click on the magnifying glass in the upper left-hand portion of GAMAHub.  Type in “minicourse” in the “Find New Courses” field.  Click on the course you are interested in to enroll and get started! 

Crazy Good Talks

How do you get an audience to not only pay attention, but actually retain everything you want to tell them?  Complete this course created in partnership with Crazy Good Talk's Deirdre Van Nest to find out. You will be able to use the CETA Framework to craft "Crazy" engaging talks, speeches, and presentations. 

Time: Approximately 90 minutes

An Introduction To Coaching

We’ve all heard coaching is an integral skill for those who lead and develop others, but what is coaching?  Complete this introductory course to discover exactly what actions are effective coaching activities. You will be able to build a plan for coaching a specific individual that includes aligned coaching activities. 

Time: Approximately 60 minutes.