GAMA International Joins The Industry Alignment Group Initiative

Falls Church, VA (January 17, 2019) – Leaders and decision makers from many of our most prominent professional associations and insurance carriers have come together to form the Industry Alignment Group (IAG). The purpose of IAG is to focus on the benefits of better aligning the efforts and messaging of the professional associations that support the life insurance and broader financial services profession as well as the consumers we all ultimately serve. Six prominent industry organizations along with insurance carriers have come together to collaboratively define a clear, consistent path to preserving and advancing the trusted professions we represent. Leadership development, professional education/training, industry promotion and public policy engagement and advocacy are foundational to the effort. We serve noble and multidisciplinary professions in a myriad of ways. Consumers depend on us as they strive to secure their financial futures. We believe a more collaborative approach can and will serve the universe of consumers, distributors and carriers more effectively. Our bold effort is clearly intended to expose the unique relevance of each part of our community in pursuit of one voice and consistency. We ask for your support as we work together to strengthen our collective resources and message. 
Good outcomes await us all as IAG actively explores and delivers collaborative efforts to leverage core competencies, and ultimate economies of scale, to enhance value for you and our profession. We sincerely hope you will embrace us as we build consistency of message and a diverse, multigenerational and vibrant financial services profession.  

Improved communication and collaboration have already delivered results through partnering and cooperative ventures. We want to be certain to respect your time and the resources of our profession. We owe it to you and the public to raise the understanding of the work we do to allow families and businesses to thrive and survive, to provide college educations and secure peace of mind in retirement, to name a few.  

To this united cause of better alignment, the undersigned, along with our boards and many others that embrace our profession, are committed to change and ongoing communication to you on our progress. In the first quarter of 2019, you will receive an initial poll that will allow us to establish a baseline of where the association space currently resides in relevance, service and needs. We ask that you take the survey and offer honest opinions focused on your current experience with the IAG members. The goal for this initial survey is to reveal your expectations as members of each association and where you find the most value in those relationships. Most importantly, we need to hear where you feel we can offer greater value moving forward. Once the survey is completed, we will communicate the high-level observations and actions to follow! 

Everyone is welcome to join the bold march to one voice and a more robust life insurance and financial services profession for the next generation!  
For more information, please contact GAMA International. 
About GAMA International
GAMA International is an independent national nonprofit organization 501(c) (6), founded more than 85 years ago. GAMA International is the only association dedicated to promoting the professional development needs and leadership skills of first-line and front-line leaders in the insurance, investment, and financial services industry.