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LAMP '19 Main Platform Videos

Chris Noonan


Sandy Eichel


Dr. Daniel Crosby


Bonnie Godsman


John Laurito


Michelle Hubert


Tim Maguire


Stacey Hanke


Maria Ferrante-Schepis


Scott Stice


Paresh Shah


Bob Krumroy


Aprille Trupiano


Curtis Scott


Jim Effner


LAMP '19 Breakout Videos

Are You Retaining And Engaging The Modern Advisor?


Are You Bridging The Gap?


Are You Finding Freedom In A Framework?


Are You Meeting The Challenge Of Managing And Retaining Millennial Recruits?


Are You Using Skills And Habits For A Non-Disruptable Practice?


Are You Using Stealth Strategies To Move From Legacy Agency To Digital Agency?


Are You Being The Leader You Were Meant To Be, Monday To Monday?


Are You A Versatile Leader?


Are You In A Growth Mindset?


Are You Just Managing Advisors Or Are You Growing Leaders?


Are You Focused On The Only Mission That Matters? Keeping Advisors From Failing!


Are You Acting With Intention To Redefine Your Success?


Are You Predicting The Future Or Inventing It?


Are You Continuously Innovating The Client Experience To Keep Relevant In This Fast-Changing Market?


Are You Inspiring Leadership In The Age Of Consumerism?


Are You Pouring Lighter Fluid On Your Conversations, Recruiting, and Marketing Activities?


Are You In Control? The Buyer-Seller Dance.


Are You Breaking Through The White Noise By Leveraging Technology And Social Media?


Are You Promoting Innovation From Your Field Professionals? The Asset-Map Story.


LAMP '18 Main Platform Videos

Jim Mellin


Emily Viner & Meryl Rosenthal


Glenn Mattson


Eric McDermott


Farshad Asl


Mark Bonnett


Travis Penfield


Dave Porter


Debra Jasper


Bonnie Godsman


Deirdre Van Nest


Athan Vorilas & GAMA Foundation


LAMP '18 Breakout Videos

Breakthrough Leadership For Millennials


Building A Bridge For Culture Change: The Time Is Now


How To Coach And Lead Through The Four Stages Of Advisor Growth


Critical Investments In Your Customer and Advisor Journey


Building A High-Performance Business


The Power Of Short, Organized And Skimmable


How To Find Your Ocean And Avoid Drowning In It


Changing The Way To Recruit The New Generation Of College Graduates


How Top Leaders Use The 3% Edge To Win


How Financial Planning Helped Us Double Our Sales


How Innovation Can Grow P&C Sales, Life Production And Recruiting


Leading From The Inside Out - Unleashing The Power Of Pause


Social Media: Your Connection To Millennial Recruiting


Beyond The Numbers Retention Through Connection


Surviving The Industry Apocalypse


Building Your Personal Brand


Transitioning Your Firm From Free To Fee