Volunteer Awards

GAMA International's Volunteer Awards recognize industry excellence from those who volunteered their time to provide professional insights to the membership at large.
GAMA initiated the Volunteer of the Year Award in 2007 to annually recognize significant contributions to GAMA that were made in the previous calendar year. This award is designed to recognize the efforts of one volunteer who stood out from the rest with his or her volunteer efforts and tireless commitment to improving GAMA and the industry throughout the past year.
The Visionary of the Year award is given annually at LAMP to someone inside or outside the profession that foresees change long before it happens. The award is designed to recognize someone who is adamant about overcoming an industry-wide challenge with new ideas or a new approach.
The Editor’s Choice award is given annually to a volunteer writer who wrote a truly inspiring article in one of this year’s GAMA International Journals. Whether a writer unleashes their inner Hemingway or writes a factual based article that truly opens some eyes; this award is meant to recognize someone going above and beyond to provide additional value to our members.