Leadership Awards

GAMA International’s prestigious Leadership Awards recognize excellence in traditional and contemporary field management throughout the insurance, investment, and financial services industry.

Reasons To Apply

Recognition and Visibility
Distinguish yourself within your agency as an award winner. Being honored for your production and showcasing your production status through the use of the Leadership Award Seal will allow you to gain recognition and significant market visibility. You will also appear in the July/August recognition issue of the GAMA International Journal, widely read both domestically and internationally.

Boosting Internal Credibility
Winning a GAMA International Leadership award positions you with the best in the industry, which will build your team's internal credibility as well as your personal brand.

Career Benefits
Winning awards should not only help your personal brand but also lead to salary increases, promotions, and external speaking opportunities. Winning a Leadership Award can help you become a best-practices expert and thought leader in our industry.

Increasing Your Planning
Winning an award requires a plan, and that plan can be a driver to increase other formal planning efforts that will allow you to better identify upcoming problems, needs, and opportunities.