Hall Of Fame

Induction into the GAMA International Management Hall of Fame is the highest honor given by the financial services industry to recognize an individual field leader whose professional career has been spent building a field organization and serving the industry. The prestigious award is presented to one individual annually.

Applications for 2020 Hall of Fame nominations will open in fall of 2019. Please contact your home office representative for more information. 

2019 Hall Of Fame Recipient


It’s a catchy cliché that many people repeat without a second thought. But for a gifted young basketball player growing up in a rough neighborhood, the idea of a cohesive team, working hard to bring a vision to life, would have been a powerful motivator. Peter Novak was such a young man. Blessed with height and a rebellious, entrepreneurial spirit, he would use the lessons learned on the basketball court to inform his unique approach to financial services, transforming both an agency and his career as a result of his commitment to working hard and dreaming big.

Today, Novak’s world has changed dramatically. He is the general agent of one of MassMutual’s largest agencies, Charter Oak Financial. He previously served as GA to MassMutual’s Rochester agency, as co-GA at The New England/Robinson Co., and as an agent at New York Life Insurance Co. Novak was the first MassMutual GA to grow an agency to 100 career agents and the first to grow to 200. He has developed six GAs during his career. 

Past Hall Of Fame Recipients

Year Name
2018 William D. Pollokov CLU ChFC
2017 Nathan M. Perlmutter, CLU, ChFC
2016 Larry Reelitz, CLF
2015 David B. Schulman, CLU ChFC
2014 Mark Rooney, CLU ChFC CFP
2013 John T. Baier, M.S.F.S., CLU ChFC CFP CLF
2012 L. Karsten Lundring, CLU ChFC CFP
2011 Ronald S. Rosbruch, CLU ChFC
2010 Michael R. White, CLU ChFC CLTC
2009 Conkling Buckley Jr., CLU ChFC FLMI
2008 Burritt B. Anderson Jr., CLU ChFC
2007 Charles A. Smith, CLU ChFC
2006 Quincy M. Crawford, CLU
2005 Phillip C. Richards, CLU CFP RHU
2004 Maurice L. Stewart, CLU ChFC CLF
2003 Harry P. Hoopis, CLU ChFC
2002 Richard R. McCloskey, CLU ChFC CFP
2001 Wayne C. Swenson
2000 Alan Press, CLU LUTCF
1999 Robert C. Savage, CLU ChFC
1998 William S. Cochran, CLU
1997 James G. Morgan, CLU RHU
1996 William O. Goodwin, CLU ChFC
1995 Louis P. DiCerbo II, CLU ChFC RFC
1994 Paul J. Shevlin, M.S.F.S., CLU ChFC
1993 David W. Smith, CLU ChFC
1992 Thomas J. O’Haren, CLU ChFC AEP
1991 George W. Karr Jr.
1990 Robert W. Verhille, CLU ChFC
1989 William W. Fenniman, CLU ChFC
1988 Vincent C. Bowhers, CLU ChFC*
1987 Edward K. Leaton, CLU ChFC*
1986 John P. Meehan, CLU
1985 Robert E. Meeker, CLU ChFC*
1984 Monroe M. Diefendorf, CLU ChFC
1983 O. Alfred Granum, CLU
1982 Norman G. Levine, CLU ChFC
1981 William B. Wallace, CLU ChFC
1980 Earl C. Jordan, CLU*
1979 Michael P. Massad, CLU
1978 Lewis C. Yount, CLU*
1977 J.B. Conway
1976 Bruce Bare Sr., CLU
1975 Bernard S. Rosen, CLU
1974 William Earls, CLU*