are best-in-class solution providers who are granted exclusive access and brand exposure to more than 4,000 domestic leaders (and 3,500 international leaders) in the insurance, investment, and financial services industry, including agency and firm owners.

Mindset Digital gets your workforce up to speed in a digital world. You can take our quick, highly visual online courses from your phone or tablet and learn the latest in LinkedIn, Twitter, digital marketing and more. We specialize in working with Fortune 500 firms (especially finance and insurance) and hospitals, offering:

Certifications in digital marketing, selling in a social world and digital reputation (social media training for executives and employees)

Custom work that transforms your old-school corporate training on a range of topics, from patient experience to corporate sales

Powerful keynote presentations that engage, excite and empower your teams to do business in a new way

Gocus is a young, bright innovator in the software space with particular emphasis on streamlining workplace processes. Our flagship product of the same name is Gocus, a goal-oriented task management system that promotes long-term goal setting alongside short-term task focus. Our inspiration stems from the team itself, which is composed of a cross section of talents from the life insurance industry and the technology sector.

Imprezzio has been providing products and solutions to the insurance and financial services industry for over a decade. Our clients include companies of all sizes looking to maximize ROI by enhancing their lead management capabilities and making workflow and business process automation a key focus within their organizations.

Imprezzio’s full-featured AgentsAlly™ Solution Suite consists of modularized products that can be connected together as a complete solution or integrated with internal systems to provide seamless workflow transitions for users. Anchored by our flagship, AgentsAlly, these applications can follow your company’s leads from “source to sale” and beyond to manage every facet of prospect and client relationships. We know that to be successful in the ever changing marketplace, decisions on key issues must be made every day. It is critical to have the ability to receive reliable business intelligence in real-time. Our data services, including market data appending and analysis modeling, combined with our rich UI applications translate to powerful analytics and robust reporting that makes the information not only visible but actionable at every level of the enterprise.

Hoopis Performance Network

The Hoopis Performance Network provides innovative sales training and leadership development resources to financial professionals worldwide. These field-tested resources have been developed more than 40 years of industry leading experience in our very own “living laboratory." HPN’s multimedia products and services feature content from some of the top producers and experts in financial services.

Based outside Chicago, Illinois, HPN is led by industry icon Harry Hoopis, CLU ChFC, and Joey Davenport, CLU CLF. The HPN Team consists of a talented group of multimedia experts, including world class facilitators, video production crew, graphic/web designers, instructional designers, sales team and client managers. 

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For more than 40 years, our values- and ethics-based approach to sales and service has been the competitive advantage for leading organizations around the world.
We believe in doing the right thing because it’s the right thing to do for our clients! Each of our business solutions is created around a foundation of client-focused values and ethics. Our solutions have dramatically increased retention, recruiting of top performers, performance productivity, and goal achievement.

We partner with leaders in preparing your advisors to establish a strong needs-focused, ethics driven differentiator in the marketplace that creates a competitive “client relationship-building” advantage.  At Integrity Solutions, we’re passionate about your success! To ensure success, we help organizations align attitudes and beliefs around a customer-focused strategy to increase sales, strengthen customer relationships, maximize productivity, and retain the best talent.

Anthony Morris
Anthony’s message is guaranteed to jolt you from your comfort zone and transform the way you view and do your business in all areas from prospecting and client referrals to upselling and technology deployment. Advisors describe his systems as having dramatic impact on their immediate production and durable influence on their business DNA. He presents fresh facts, unique perspectives and state-of-the-art evidence to support the dozens of client campaigns, conversations and conceptual selling models that underpin every presentation. Working with every level from new advisor to industry legend, Anthony has the global insights into current “best practice” to deliver an extraordinary message to any group who grant him the privilege of their platform. Always engaging.  Riveting in delivery. Brilliant plug-and-play content.  Anthony will make you laugh, think and remember.

Global Diversity Marketing

The marketplace is changing rapidly and so are your customers and employees. We can develop strategies that will help you leverage the opportunity and build a competitive advantage in the changing landscape. Many organizations are still using old traditional methods to reach their customers and prospects and often get disappointed with results.

The marketplace has huge need and demand for benefiting from the growth in diverse markets. Today, there are only a handful of companies catering to this need. Most of the services provided now are limited to diversity and inclusion consulting, mostly from an HR perspective. None of these services offer business growth strategy – and that motivates most business leaders to use these services.

Hearsay Social
Hearsay Social’s predictive social suite was developed specifically for the financial services and insurance industry in order to help advisors more efficiently communicate with their clients and prospects in the digital era. We provide technology purpose-built to help advisors engage with today’s social, mobile customer. 

Richard Weylman, Inc.
Richard Weylman is considered one of the leading authorities on marketing innovation and understanding the customer perspective. Chris Forbes, vice chairman of Forbes Media, refers to his work as “brilliant”.

He is a strategic advisor to executives in both small businesses and Fortune 500 companies, helping them to develop the right strategies and tactics based on his unique ability to “see” the customer’s perspective. He delivers proven methodologies to create marketplace distinction, effectively communicate the value of offerings and elevate the customer experience. His client list includes companies such as Merrill Lynch, Saladmaster, John Deere, Fidelity, Jazzercise, and Conklin Distributors.

Fierce, Inc.
We teach the courage and skill to craft meaningful connections and honest conversations. We create healthier organizations and a better world through dialogue.
Tailored to any organization, Fierce training translates across the globe, ensures individual and collective success, and develops skills that are practical, easy-to-learn, and can be applied immediately.  While no single conversation is guaranteed to change the trajectory of a career, a company, a relationship or a life – any single conversation can.
We change the conversations central to our clients’ success. Conversations are the workhorses of any organization, and we help to make them the most impactful.    

Red Zone Marketing
Red Zone Marketing works with agents, advisors and managers to help them dramatically increase sales, acquire more clients, and reach their full potential. We consider our work very meaningful because without the tools, messaging and training to drive sales, there is a high likelihood of not making it in this business.

Tom's simple and unique perspective offers a clear perspective on retirement income planning. Tom is THE expert in retirement income and has been featured on numerous keynote platforms.  If you are looking for agency training to improve productivity or you are looking for a scintillating client seminar, Tom is a great resource to bring to your firm.  

Grimes and Associates
Grimes and Associates can help you change your behavior so you can earn what you're worth.  Fear-Free Prospecting & Self-Promotion Workshop®
The only training program in the world specifically engineered to help overcome career-limiting emotions due to sales/call reluctance®.
Uses information gleaned from the participant’s SPQ*GOLD® Profile. This highly respected workshop is used by sales-driven organizations worldwide to manage sales call reluctance® in new hires and veteran salespeople alike. It combines accurate diagnosis with field-tested corrective techniques.

Intellect SEEC is one of the world’s leading providers of insurance software with an extensive portfolio covering distribution, underwriting and claims. Intellect SEEC has been developing innovative insurance solutions to lower operating costs and increase premium volumes and margins for the last two decades. Over the last 25 years, the company has built strategic relationships with major insurance carriers in America, Canada, United Kingdom, India and the Far East. Intellect SEEC builds its innovative, low-cost solutions on a firm belief that while the underlying business and technology of insurance are complex, their application should not be. 

Identity Branding / e-Relationship
E-Relationship was the first client and prospect e-connection tool in the insurance and banking sector in the United States and Canada. Today, it is indisputably the largest and most robust!  Agent testimonials attest to the system's effectiveness with increased appointments, increased sales, increased client loyalty and increased agent confidence. The effect of staying in touch with clients and connecting frequently with prospects has multiple advantages ­ all positive in their effect on production, retention and satisfaction.  The four phases of Prospect Attraction are Specific Prospect Focus, Creating Local Awareness Strategies, Building Agent Character Uniqueness and Implementing an Automatic Frequent Touch Strategy. Though there are four phases, Frequent Touch is the hallmark to prospect attraction. The inability or oversight of staying in frequent touch will cause decreased loyalty and awareness to fade.

As the world's leading insurance and financial services trade association, LIMRA's purpose is to be the Trusted Source of Industry Knowledge. We currently provide Research, Learning and Development programs to more than 850 financial services companies throughout the world. Serving our members for nearly 100 years, they turn to LIMRA first for:

Research-Serving as a catalyst for new ideas, to better understand the industry, and plan for the future
Learning and Development programs-To assess, train, and increase distribution productivity, as well as develop the next generation of corporate leaders
Connections-With industry leaders and peers through study groups, committees, and conferences

FSEdNet is a virtual, on-demand video based platform offering hundreds of individual training session designed to instill confidence by building competence in all levels of associates to the financial services industry. FSEdNet primarily focuses on the fundamentals of the financial services industry which due to both cost and time restrictions have become the missing link in recent years. FSEdNet is designed to help launch, retool or re-energize associates in an effort to improve retention and productivity in a very cost and time efficient way. A lack of productivity normally stems from a lack of activity due to a lack of relationships. FSEdNet platform provides a step by step curriculum in the essential skills, knowledge and habits that normally cause this lack of relationships and as a result builds confidence by providing understanding and competence.

As the Ambassador of Significance and best-selling author, Joseph Jordan is an industry legend with more than 40 years of experience under his belt. Joe's career in financial services spans every facet of the business, from insurance to annuities to Wall Street. Joe Jordan began his career with Home Life Insurance Company in 1974. Directly after running insurance sales at PaineWebber, he joined MetLife to build its annuity business. Later he was responsible for all MetLife retail product development, initiating fee-based financial planning. Joe also founded the Behavioral Finance Organization at MetLife. After holding the position of senior vice president at MetLife, Joe turned his focus to sharing his inspirational message with financial professionals around the world.

With 38 years in the custom clothing business, Pat Langel is considered by many to be one of the top custom suit makers in the country. Pat learned his trade with Norman Hilton in New York - the same Norman Hilton that put Ralph Lauren in business. Throughout the decades, Pat has clothed everyone from rock stars to Presidents and trained hundreds of tailors and clothing professionals. He has turned that experience into a thriving local customer service-driven business ready to help you look your best today.

Iowa native Tony Woods has accumulated 32 years of outstanding service in the clothing industry with such well-known local clothiers as Mr. B's and Reichardt's, including 9 years managing Badowers before helping form Langel & Woods Clothiers. He has built many long-lasting business and personal relationships that continue today. Tony's timeless philosophy is still the centerpiece of Langel & Woods Clothiers: The client always comes first. Come see Tony or make an appointment - you won't be disappointed.

For 23 years Hawaiian-born Hal Wilson has worked with many of the country's top retailers including Giorgio Armani in Honolulu and Mario's in Seattle. Before joining Langel & Woods Clothiers in 2010, Hal was a local buyer and manager for Sarto in West Des Moines. Always with an eye on the latest styles, Hal has spent more than the last decade in Iowa sharing his unique styling sensibilities with those in the Midwest. If you ask Hal what the secret of success is, he'll tell you that it all resides in getting the details right. .

The Social Heroes teach business and sales professionals how to humanize their brand by leveraging Social Media to grow and enhance their business in the areas of Prospecting and Sales, Customer Service, Retention, Networking, Gaining Referrals and Building Authority. We look forward to using this site as a way for you to accelerate your Social Media learning curve so you can become a Social Hero too.

The Taylor Method is a sales training and practice management system created by one of the best financial advisors in the industry.

Keir- Keir Educational Resources provides the best level of exam preparation to individuals seeking a professional license such as Series 7, a designation such as ChFC® or a certification such as CFP®. Our goal is to get you through your exams quickly and efficiently, saving you time and money, helping you grow your career without disrupting it.

True Productions - True Productions is a market leader in web, video, and graphic design. Clients select us for our vision and professionalism. We differentiate you in today’s competitive marketplace, while leveraging your current platform and staying in compliance. The benefit is the confidence in knowing you have a site built to perform.

SAM - Launched in 1995 to make a difference, Sales Activity Management, Inc. (SAM) created a new industry around an old concept: “We reap what we sow.” Today, we are the industry standard providing tens of thousands of clients each year with custom activity management tools and systems to help them achieve their goals, manage success and control the direction of their business. How? SAM empowers you with the Concept and equips you with the Tools that bring this business building strategy to life!

At Benchmark Business Group, you can learn how to grow your business, solve any frustration in your business, sell your business, buy a business, or plan for your succession and exit in any number of ways. For more than 15 years, and with hundreds of success stories, we have provided business coaching, business consulting, business brokerage, business evaluations, business succession planning, business strategic planning, and systems design and documentation. And, we have provided these services in every type of business you can name: professional services, health professionals, manufacturing, distribution, retail, construction, insurance and financial services, a variety of service businesses, and more. In short, no matter what type of business you have, or how unique your problems and frustrations may be, we have the experience and know-how to help you solve them.