Incorporating a frequently used tool like LinkedIn into your recruiting strategy can be tricky because it is a busy platform where quality candidates may receive several messages a day from top firms across the country. However, by using a few simple strategies that are included with the free version of LinkedIn, you can create a strong voice that will speak to exactly the candidates you are seeking.

    Share Meaningful and Attractive Content
    Regardless of the platform you are using, it is always beneficial to think of your interactions online as a conversation with your audience. Just like any significant conversation, it is important to both listen and contribute meaningfully while engaging with an individual. The way to contribute online is by sharing content that will add value to those who are following you. Consider sharing articles about your industry, valuable advice on financial matters or anecdotes about your organization that portray your culture and values. As individuals on LinkedIn receive this information, they are more likely to come to view you with respect. It also positions your firm as an attractive place where people want to work.


    Ask Your Network for Personal Introductions
    You may regularly reach out to people in your network whom you feel may be a valuable addition to your organization. However, each person in your network is likely connected to hundreds of other individuals who may also contribute richly to your work. Consider reaching out to your network on a regular basis, asking people to recommend two to three individuals who may be a good fit for your firm. Once you have these names, ask the referrer if you can use his or her name when you connect with the new person. When these names come to you through a general LinkedIn search, you are reaching out cold. But if you can reach out through a personal connection, you now have a warm lead that is more likely to respond and hear what you have to say.

    Make a list of people in your network whom you feel may be able to provide you with several solid leads. You can even request an introduction directly through LinkedIn on your connection’s profile page.

    Customize Messages to New Leads
    Before sending a connection request, view the individual’s profile to learn more about his or her experience and interests. This way, you can send a personal request that will stand out among the many auto-generated messages. For example:

    “Dear Jane Doe,

    I recently received your name from John Smith. He and I worked together at a previous firm, and I have great respect for him. I know he recommended you because he values your work and accomplishments. I noticed that you studied finance at State University, and I think you might be interested in hearing more about what we do here at Financial Success, Inc. I would love to connect with you here on LinkedIn so that we can schedule an introductory phone call or meeting.

    Thank you for your time,
    Mary Jones

    Take some time to draft your own message template that you can adapt to create personalized connection requests. Then reach out to your network and start connecting with the new, solid referrals you receive.

    Use Advanced and Saved Searches
    When used properly, the advanced search option can help you tremendously in narrowing your field of candidates. You can narrow each search by location, school, industry, past and current companies and more. Discovering a search that yields actionable leads may take some time, but with trial and error and a little patience, you can discover a combination of attributes that delivers the types of candidates you are seeking. Once you have honed an effective search, you can save it and use it regularly to find similar leads. With the free version of LinkedIn, you can save up to three searches.

    As you can see, there are many ways you can use LinkedIn to become a strong, respected and personal voice that finds and attracts the ideal candidates for your firm. It is simply a matter of creating a strategy, following through and ensuring that each communication you send has a personal touch!