Next Ideas Series Home Page


    One of the most popular resources that GAMA International has offered for the past 10 years is our Great Ideas book series. The series has been a favorite resource for industry leaders because it provides our members with wisdom from successful field leaders of specific topics that are vital to our firms and agencies.

    To continue this great tradition of providing GAMA members with the tools for success, we are happy to announce or Next Ideas series. This series of books will build upon the tradition of the Great Ideas series. It will focus on the future, therefore, moving our industry leaders from best practices to next practices. In the books, industry leaders will share ideas, successes, challenges, and more about what they have learned along the way.

    The first book of the series, Next Ideas for Online Recruiting, provides strategies, tips, and some philosophy about the value of recruiting agents and advisors online.

    The second book of the series, Next Ideas for Millennial Management, dives into how to engage with millennials successfully as well as how to achieve synergy among all the generations represented in your firm or agency.

    The information on these pages are a supplement to the book meant to deepen your knowledge and further the discussion. For the full strategic learnings, pick up the books in our Marketplace