In the “Time for Action” included in the Managing Millennials section of Next Ideas, three do’s and three don’ts for effectively managing millennials were discussed. In this online “Deeper Dive, not only are the do’s and don’ts included, but also numerous tips for specifically applying the do’s, as well as for avoiding the don’ts. These application tips should prove useful for finding, building, and keeping your millennial team-members.


    Utilize Teaming or Group-work (Make it about Collaboration)

    • Group Interviews
    • Team Selling
    • Study Groups
    • Collaborative Workspaces or Pods
    • Ask for Input when decision-making
    • Create and Utilize Committees

    Build the Relationship Beyond Work (Make it Personal)

    • Seek recruits at social gatherings of organizations, clubs, or enthusiast to which you belong
    • Ask about personal details of their life: How was your weekend? What do you do for Fun? Tell me about your family. How’s your pet?
    • Utilize a questionnaire to capture likes and interests with the other New Hire Paperwork
    • Host or conduct social outing/events after work hours

    Provide Continual and Specific, Re-enforcing Feedback (Make it about Value)

    • Formal or informal, scheduled and on the fly.
    • Set a daily goal for yourself if this isn’t natural for you (I’m going to give my team members feedback once a day, two times a day, etc.)
    • Use the “Sandwich” method if needing to redirect: Reinforce/Redirect/Reinforce (“Good work getting your call numbers up. Be more consistent on schedule your 30/60/90 follows-up. If you do that, it will really make a difference on your total premiums”.)
    • Schedule weekly one-on-ones
    • Utilize feedback models like SBI (Situation, Behavior, Impact) or STAR (Situation/Task, Action, Result) to help keep the feedback specific


    Manage, Be a Leader (Make it about Guiding and Structuring)

    • Model the behavior you seek
    • Provide the “Why” behind the “What”
    • Utilize Mentoring (Leadership or guidance doesn’t just have to come from you)
    • Help them discover their “Why”

    Motivate with Money (Make it about More)

    • Millennials tend to be more motivated by being able to contribute, seeking a high purpose, and personal fulfillment.
      • Tap into these by:
        • Seek their input on decisions (Contribute)
        • Foster Collaboration (Contribute)
        • Put them in charge of community involvement (Contribute, Higher Purpose, Personal Fulfillment)
        • Help them find their “Why” (Higher Purpose, Personal Fulfillment)
        • Show them the “Service” in “Financial Services”: e.g., benefit payouts to customers. (Contribute, Higher Purpose, Personal Fulfillment)

    Treat Each Millennial The Same (Make it about Them)

    • Always stay curious when interviewing recruits or new hires: If asking about the ideal work environment or management style, and the candidate replies, “Collaborative” or “Hands-off”. Ask, “In what ways?” “How so?” Or, “what does that mean to you?” While the same answer might be given by every recruit, the details may look radically different and call for a different approach.