The financial services industry is facing a workforce gap and the GAMA Career Collaborative, or GCC, is your business solution. Partner with GAMA International to implement an employer-designed training program with potential recruits or newly hired advisors. Hire entry-level employees who understand the profession and are ready to work from day one. 

    Limited availability and increased competition for skilled employees has created a workforce shortage in the financial services industry. The GCC provides businesses with direct access to a pre-employment pool that has been introduced to financial services services basics and the entrepreneurial mindset.
    The GCC can be structured as an internal onboarding program, a college recruiting program, or combined to create a comprehensive recruitment and engagement tool.
    College Recruiting Program: Partner with colleges and universities to deliver courses within existing curriculum or as an external program.
    Internship In-A-Box: Create a new internship program. Enrich an internship program that already exists. Great for interns across multiple locations.
    Additional Uses: Community recruiting initiatives. Vetting potential advisors.

    COURSE ONE: Overview of the Opportunity

    Week 1: Practice What you Preach
    Week 2: Try the Shoes On
    Week 3: Me In This Work
    Learn the benefits of sound financial planning and how it can provide stability over a lifetime. Practice "advising" and explore the concept of serving others in the financial services profession. Examine various financial services career paths and the pros/cons of managing a variable-based income.

    COURSE 2: Business Mindset

    Week 1: Skills & Behaviors
    Week 2: Developing Your Sales Skills
    Week 3: Business Planning & Marketing
    Assess entrepreneurial skills, build a network, find a mentor and learn to structure workflow to maximum benefit. Focus on soft skills like listening, asking questions and managing processes, with the mindset of providing a great sales experience. Learn how to build a personal brand and business plan, while carefully considering if a financial services career is a good fit.

    Each course includes 9 hours of course work, which incorporates a variety of learning strategies that are delivered online. Consider hosting an in-person kickoff and capstone event to celebrate the beginning and completion of the GCC. To sign up, please click the link below and email to get started!