GAMA FLS Series


    AUDIENCE: Sales managers /Agency/Firm Leaders/ Leadership Teams

    COST: Members: $399 per person (member or non-member); additional fee for GAMA Facilitator

    DELIVERY FORMAT: In-person class with GAMA Facilitator or led by a company appointed facilitator certified by GAMA


    You’re committed to providing your field leaders with the tools to excel. But in today’s “lean and mean” environment, you need to maximize every resource. Building a new program is an intensive process, and off-the-shelf programs won’t incorporate your company-specific processes and procedures. In addition, your field leaders don’t want long classes that take them out of the office for days on end. You need an inexpensive and easy-to-customize solution that you can plug and play — one that works for your field leaders and is produced by an organization committed to their success.
    We have taken the load off of you and built an inexpensive, one-day workshop designed to teach sales managers and leaders the skills they need to recruit and select candidates with the strongest potential for success. Succinct and practical, the Field Leadership Series one-day format is perfect for field management meetings. Every workshop includes action planning, so field leaders leave with specific process-improvement plans. By completing the workshop with your whole management team, you will align processes across organizations.

    You will learn how to:

    • Recruit and select candidates with the strongest potential for success (Finding the Right People)
    • Launch new advisors on a fast, productive start (Building the Right People)
    • Provide support that directly impacts the retention of successful producers (Keeping the Right People)
    • Maximize productivity with sales teams (Building High-Performance Adviser Teams)

    What the program includes:

    • Internal GAMA Facilitator and Facilitator Guidebook
    • PowerPoints
    • Videos and DVDs
    • Worksheet
    • Participant Workbook
    • Participant Guidebook