The Challenge You Face

As a frontline leader you’ve mastered the fundamentals of recruiting, selecting, and retaining agents and advisors. But, long-term success requires more than tactical competence. You’ll need skills to not only manage activities but also to maximize performance and inspire teams. That kind of growth takes more than time. It takes focused development that is customized for frontline leaders and their company culture.

The Solution We Offer

Leading From the Front was created to fill a gap identified by members’ feedback where no training existed to generate future general agents in a specialized environment. Leading From the Front combines important experiences, activities, and resources to support frontline managers as they move from their comfort zone to become true leaders.

If your company is serious about not only filling the field leadership pipeline but also preparing those in frontline positions to excel in their roles, then Leading From the Front is the right leadership development experience for you.

Be the first to register for Leading From the Front. Enroll now in the January or May open-enrollment classes by emailing [email protected] or calling Kathryn Hoch at 1-800-345-2687.

Be on the lookout for more information about Leading From the Front in the GAMA International Journal.