Course Topics

Master Sales Leadership
Think Like a Business Owner
  • Work ON your business
  • Manage priorities
  • Move from tactical to strategic execution
  • Create your One Page Business Plan®
Create Alignment
  • Key points of alignment
  • Personalize the mission and core values
  • Aligning your team
Optimize Execution
  • Evaluate and refine business processes
  • Collect and analyze performance metrics
Lead on Purpose
  • The four factors of organizational effectiveness
  • Understand the impact of your leadership style
Optimize Recruiting
Run Recruiting Like a Business
  • Refine and communicate your unique value proposition
  • Optimize your referral network
Create a Recruiting Culture
  • Key points of recruiting alignment
Optimize Recruiting Execution
Optimize Selection
The Cost of Poor Selection
Selection Pitfalls
Guiding Principles of Effective Selection
Key Points of Selection Alignment
Optimize Selection Execution
Accelerate the Launch
The Desired Result of a Perfect Launch
The 3 Cs of High Engagement
Developing Commitment and Personal Accountability for High Performance
  • Key points of alignment for new advisors
Elevate Performance
The Performance Development Process
Strengthen the Coaching Process
  • Key coaching abilities
  • The McCauley & Co. C.O.R.E. Performance Coaching Model
Customize Support Plans Based on Producer Segments
  • Key points of alignment for experienced producers
Grow Your Business
The Business Owner Mindset
Develop Your Growth Battle Plan
  • Leverage producer expertise
  • Identify and qualify new markets
  • Develop marketing strategies
In the Footsteps of Leaders
Lead by Example, Governed by Core Values
  • Create a high-trust, high-impact culture
  • Put others first
  • Define your personal leadership principles
Making Battlefield Decisions
Communicate with Purpose